People Innovation Excellence

Scope and Topics



  • Track 1. Corporate Strategy and Agility
    • Business Strategy
    • Corporate Transformation
    • Strategic Growth & Sustainability
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Eco-tourism Strategy
  • Track 2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Corporate Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurial Strategy
    • Disruptive Innovation
    • Lean Start-up / New Venture Formation
    • Technopreneurship
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Public Sector Innovation
  • Track 3. Marketing Science and Analytics
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Marketing/Market Intelligence
    • Green Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
  • Track 4. Human Capital
    • Global HR Practices
    • Organizational Change & Development
    • Talent Management
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Employee Engagement
  • Track 5. Banking and Finance
    • Investment Management
    • Corporate Restructuring
    • Performance Management
    • Crowdfunding Fintech


  • Track 6. Information System

    • Knowledge Management
    • Analysis and Design of Information System
    • Enterprise Resources Planning
    • Decision Support System
    • Information System Risk Management
    • IS/IT Governance
    • IT Compliance
    • Green Information Technology
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Power, Cultural, Behavioural and Political issues
    • New Organisational Forms
    • Dilution of Organisational Boundaries
    • The centrality of IS and IT in Organisational Processes
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • Business Process Change
    • IT in Supply Chain and Logistics


  • Track 7. Intelligent and Data Mining

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Artificial Immune Systems
    • Business Intelligence and Multimedia Technology
    • Computational Systems Biology and Medical Information
    • Computational Neuroscience
    • Complex Systems and Fuzzy Systems
    • Evolutionary Computation
    • Intelligent Computing in Biomedical Signal/Image
    • Databases and Data Mining Applications
    • Feature Selection and Feature Extraction
    • High Performance Data Mining Algorithms
    • Knowledge Discover
    • Sequential Data Mining
    • Stream Data Mining
    • High performance and Scalable Computing
    • Large-scale Collaborative Problem Solving Environments
    • Programming models, tools, and environments
    • Middleware for Grid, Cloud and P2P Systems
  • Track 8. Scientific and Engineering Computing
    • Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering
    • Algorithms for solving discrete and continuous problem
    • Analysis and Visualization of Data
    • Biology Medicine Physics Chemistry
    • Computational Electromagnetics
    • Computational Optimization
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms
    • Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing
    • High Performance Computing and Techniques to Gain
  • Track 9. Cluster, Grid, P2P and Cloud Computing
    • Autonomic Computing in P2P, Grid, Cloud systems
    • Cloud Computing and Applications
    • Data Intensive and Computing Intensive Applications
    • Economics of P2P, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing
    • Grid and P2P Infrastructures for Data Storage and Data
    • Scalability, Dependability and Reliability
    • Scheduling, Resource Discovery and Allocation
    • Social Networking and Implications
    • Theoretical model for P2P, Grid, Cloud and Intern
    • Trust Integration and Security
    • Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing Applications
    • Virtual Organizations and Enterprise Computing
    • Web and Grid Service-based Applications
  • Track 10. Computational Social Systems
    • Solutions to key problems in SN/MSN
    • Typical SN/MSN applications
    • Socially-inspired design of communications networks
    • Various topics related to SN/MSN development platform
    • Privacy, security, ethics, culture, and anonymity issues
    • Social sensing, Crowdsourced sensing and mobile
    • Space-Time, MIMO and Adaptive Antennas
    • Mobile data communication
    • Security issues involved in mobile computing
    • OFDM,CDMA and Spread Spectrum
    • Multimedia in Mobile Computing: Issues, System Design, and Performance Evaluation
    • Information Theory
    • Multimedia Signal Processing
    • Cross Layer Optimization in Wireless Networks
    • Cognitive Radio, Ultra-wideband
    • Multihop and Cooperative Communications
    • Modulation, Coding, Diversity
    • Signal Processing in Body Area Networks
    • Wireless Emergency and Security Systems
  • Track 11. CSE Education and Service & Internet Computing

    • Computer Aided Education
    • Multimedia and Education
    • Computer Science and Education Technology
    • Computer and Education Training
    • Computer and Education Management
    • E-learning Knowledge Discovering
    • Mathematical foundation of Services Computing
    • Services Science
    • Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA)
    • Web Services
    • Wireless Grid and Communication Services Delivery
    • Platform
    • Grid Applications and System Solutions
    • Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing
  • Track 12. Ubiquitous Computing & Parallel Computing

    • Embedded System Software and Optimization
    • Embedded System Architectures
    • Hardware/Software Co-design and Design Automation
    • Real-Time Systems and Operating Systems
    • Application-Specific Processors and Devices
    • Power-Aware Computing
    • Sensor Networks
    • System/Network-on-Chip
    • Reconfigurable Computing Systems and Applications
    • Pervasive Computing and Communications
    • Middleware and Peer-to-Peer Computing
    • Internet Computing and Applications
    • Multimedia and Data Management
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Agents and Distributed Computing
    • Security and Fault Tolerance Applications
    • Parallel/Distributed Architectures
    • Real-Time Parallel and Distributed Systems
    • Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems and Middleware
    • Parallel and Distributed Applications and Web Services
    • Parallel I/O Systems and Storage Systems
    • Tools and Environments for Parallel & Distributed Software Development
    • Analysis and Design of Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
    • Distributed Data and Knowledge Based Systems
    • Distributed Graphics and VR/AR/MR System
    • Distributed AI and Soft/Natural Computing
    • Security in Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Track 13. Advanced Networking and Security System

    • Communication Protocol and Architecture
    • High-speed Communication and Network
    • Wireless Communication and Network
    • Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Network
    • Low-power Network and System
    • Wearable Network and System
    • Embedded System and Networking
    • Internet Technology and IP-based Applications
    • Network Control and Management
    • Network Performance, Analysis and Evaluation
    • Quality of Services (QoS)
    • Ubiquitous/Pervasive Networks and Computing
    • Ubiquitous Intelligence and Smart World
    • Smart Object, Space/Environment and System
    • Innovative Networking and Applications
    • Social, Ethical & Other Issues of Networked World
    • Network and Application Hardware
    • Information and System Security
    • Computer Security
    • Reliable Computing
    • Trusted Computing
    • Network Security and Privacy
    • E-Security

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