Doctoral Program

Doctor of Research in Management (DRM)
“Turning Rigor into Relevance”


The Doctor of Research in Management (DRM) is a doctoral level program in management which emphasizes the development of knowledge in management by combining the elements of science, best practices, and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It offers concentrations in Business, Marketing Science, and Information System.

The program is designed to be accomplished in 5 (five) semesters, which consists of 46 SKS including dissertation. Each student draws on the faculty’s diverse expertise and varied interests to develop high quality research uniquely suited to his or her interests. The program encourages students to gain research experience by working closely with faculty on a variety of industry projects and on alignment of research roadmaps.


World class doctoral program in management, continuously pursuing excellence in research by combining science, best practices, and leverage of ICT.


  1. Being recognized by industry and peer of similar programs as the source of outstanding researchers, consultants, and business leaders capable in facing the dynamics of Management theories and practices, to improve the quality of life and the competitiveness level of Indonesia.
  2. Providing an excellent advanced education/research environment, that attracts potential qualified researchers and industry practitioners to take up the doctoral program.

Doctor of Research in Management Strategy and Growth

Doctor of Research in Management Scholar Track