Master Program in Information Systems Strategic Management


This Master Program is designed for those who are willingly to prepare themselves to become either as a (1) Chief Information Officer, a person who manages the implementation of the useful technology to increase information accessibility and integrated systems management; or a (2) Technopreneur, a person who introduces new technologies into the workplace or market, increasing efficiency, productivity or generating new products or services as well as has possession of a new enterprise, venture, or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.

The Master Program is offering two streams whic are Information Systems Strategic Management and Technopreneur.

The degree will be MMSI.

A world class IS Graduate Program that creates IS Leaders and Technopreneurs who are able to leverage knowledge and technology for strategic advantage.

Being recognized by industry and government as a primary source of outstanding visionary leaders and technopreneurs capable in facing the challenge of the future in Information System to impove quality of life.
Providing an excellent advanced education/research and professional services in information system enterprise, recognize globally, that attracts and retains talented and creative student body and faculty.